Welcome to the fascinating world of Feng Shui with Jo and Chloe Russell, a mother-daughter duo who explore the principles and practical applications of this ancient Chinese art in their podcast. Jo Russell brings over 25 years of experience as a Chinese Feng Shui consultant, having worked with clients around the world and authored several books on the subject. Her extensive knowledge and intuitive understanding of Feng Shui are complemented by Chloe's fresh perspective and contemporary sensibility.
In each episode, Jo and Chloe delve into a wide range of topics related to Feng Shui and how it can enhance our lives. From discussing the history and philosophy of Feng Shui to offering practical tips for applying its principles in our homes, workplaces, and personal lives, the podcast covers it all. But what makes their conversations truly unique is the way they connect these concepts to everyday experiences and challenges we all face.
Chloe's role as a bridge between society and Feng Shui is especially noteworthy, as she brings a youthful and relatable voice to the discussions. By posing questions and sharing personal stories, she invites Jo to reflect on how Feng Shui can inform and improve our relationships, health, finances, and more. Together, they create a dynamic and engaging dialogue that is both informative and entertaining.
Whether you are a long-time practitioner of Feng Shui or a curious newcomer, this podcast has something for everyone. Jo and Chloe's expertise, warmth, and humour make learning about Feng Shui an enjoyable and enriching experience. So, join them on their journey to uncover the mysteries of this ancient art and discover how it can transform your life.